More Information

We would like to encourage informed debate regarding renewable energy in terms of the needs, the current options available and the opportunities present. People are right to seek clear, honest information to help them decide what living with a wind farm in the area might mean for them and their families. Regrettably claims are often reported that are demonstrably incorrect.

We are committed to explaining Wind Energy in terms of how it can be developed in an appropriate way in areas that are suitable.

This is not to say that wind energy will work in every area. That simply is not the case. What is true however is that there are areas in which wind energy can be of a very real benefit, not only to the communities in that area but to the county, the country and the wider environment in general.

We are engaging with people in the local areas at an early stage on this project with the view to allowing those locally to have an input into the design process and ultimately influence how the project will develop.