Our Approach

Behy Renewable Energy Limited is endeavouring to develop suitable and appropriate renewable energy projects which will bring long lasting benefits, not only to the country, but also the local communities in which they are located. We believe that through engagement with local communities and the public, renewable energy projects which are socially and environmentally appropriate can be developed for the benefit of all. 


Early engagement with local communities

At an early stage in the design process we will work to provide information to local communities and seek feedback on what might be deemed suitable and appropriate by the people living in the local area. This discussion with the local community is based on the working design layout of the proposed project and as such all details regarding the project will not be available. This in fact is the point of talking to people at an early stage - To allow for feedback to influence the detailed design of the project as it develops. 



The value of this feedback from the local community is that it informs the design process and ultimately influences the form that the project will take.
Whilst we welcome feedback on all aspects of our proposals, some examples of areas that people might consider are as follows:

  • The design layout as it stands during the design process
  • Alterations to the design layout which would improve the overall proposal
  • Ways in which the project may bring real benefits to the local area
  • Concerns that people may have on any aspects of the proposal
  • The current survey areas

Informed debate

We would like to encourage people to think about the challenges that we face and the possible solutions that might help us towards protecting our energy security and combating climate change. When researching wind energy (or any other alternative) it is imperative to make sure that the information that you are basing your opinion on is from a genuine source. The most reliable and trustworthy information available is that which has been checked and verified by not just one individual but by a group of experts. This is a defined process that all researchers utilise and is called "Peer reviewing". We are happy to provide information and guidance towards sources of genuine peer reviewed information should you request it.


Positive outcomes

Through positive engagement we would hope that any proposal put forward to the planning authorities will reflect the general aspirations of the people living within the area.