What is Being Considered?

At present, wind energy in the Derrykillew area consists of the Derrykillew Community Wind Farm which was granted planning permission in 2016. There is a potential opportunity to increase the output of the Community Wind Farm while creating synergies between this and the proposed Derrykillew Wind Farm Extension.


  • There is potential to add 1 additional turbine to the Community Wind Farm and it is proposed to bring up to 7 turbines in an adjacent area into planning.
  • It is proposed that a maximum tip height of 150m would apply to all turbines
  • Derrykillew Community Wind Farm – 1 additional turbine
  • Derrykillew Extension Wind Farm – Consists of 7 turbines


Where are the areas being considered?
The Derrykillew Wind Farm Extension area under consideration centres around a tract of upland forestry.
This is approximately:
• 2.6 km north of Belleek.
• 5 km northeast of Ballyshannon.

The additional turbine on the Derrykillew Community Wind Farm is located in a bog land area and would be approximately 4 km from Belleek.